March 01, 2010

Update : Santiago Chile Earthquake casualties

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After the massive earthquake measuring in magnitude of 8.8 Ritcher scale happened at Chile, the death toll have reached more than 700 dead , and over 2 million of civilians were displaced.

Chile President Michelle Bachelet said the governments has doubling the rescue crews and heading to the remote area and badly damaged town. Nonetheless, President Bachelet said in an address to the nation Saturday night that a million of the buildings had been damaged and destroyed. And with television stations showing topsy-turvy structures, severed bridges and highways whose pavement looked as if it had been tilled by some giant farm machine, the death toll was expected to rise.

Santiago International Airport will be closed at least through Monday, officials said. Although the runways are in good condition, the control tower and customs facilities suffered extensive damage, officials said.

Besides that, Santiago also faces a mass transit chaos, subway system will be closed down indefinitely while the track are inspected. President Bachelet also urged the citizens not to use major thoroughfares because the traffic light is out of service and a lot of pedestrian bridges has totally collapsed.

Meanwhile the tsunami early warning message has just gone down where the waves of ocean is smaller than peoples expected. Hawaii, Japan, Australia and China currently have no reports on tsunami hit and casualty report.

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