March 09, 2009

Feedback from the photoshoot

I guess I have to tell these feedback from the PhotoMalaysia forumer and other peoples opinion.


From every photo that I shoot, some of it, posted into the forum, when I saw it, from their opinion like WB wrong, picture crop too much, or even can't get the attention from the models.


The fact is, although I have asked the pro. about the setting they use and what angle I should shoot, but still, I think my gear is start getting lousy and older, even my skill problem and actually I don't think I still learn about the photo colour.


Honestly, this RM160, although is worth it to learn. But, I'm waste a lot of time and energy, I saw a lot of poor photo, over 40 out of 700++ photos are good, the rest is just a crap and lousy composition.


My heart quite depressed after I saw these photos and comments. Eventhough I always go out for event shooting or others, but I kept on improve and improve, but I'm still lack of something, I don't really know it, everytime I back for shooting, it's just like a dream, I still shoot bad photo again. Don't really have right to be a photographer.


Overall, it is still my problem. May be I have to stop using my camera for a while to get my inspiration back. Concentrate my work and never shooting for a while.


Note: Although it is the first time at beach, but from every experiences I learn from every environment, I shooting myself and discover a lot of different things, it should be correct after all. But still, how would the models look my photo? I can't say anything about it.

Photoshoot with Eliana and Carace Kwan

Saturday, March 7, 2009, a day which left a lot of memories to me.

This time I going for a photo shooting session at Port Dickson.

Our model? Who?

From Belarus, Eliana. From Malaysia, Carace Kwan Shuang Hwa.
来自贝拉罗斯,艾丽娜。来自马来西亚,Carace 霜华。

I'm very excited to see them in front of my eye, besides, we having a lot of fun.

Our organizer, Mr. Ong aka Cruiser176. Thanks to him! Because he organize this fantastic event and he teached me a lot of how to look the enviroment and shoot, besides, he teached me also how to use the mode.
我们的主办人,Mr.Ong, 要感谢他!因为是他主办了这个很精彩的“盛会”。除此之外,他也教了我好多关于运用环境的变化来摄影,另外,他也教导我如何运用相机的设置。

Talk about models. Eliana, what do I can say about her is, she's astonishing and sensational. From the expression, body languages, and others, it mades me felt awesome about her.

Carace Kwan, sure I will talk her a lot, because she's my favourite! And also, for this photo shooting, I have a lot of fun with her. Remind me at Toyo Drift Series at 2008, her smiles made me want to seek her again. Also, for this time, a lot of photos is her in my album. So, I have great memory with her this time.

During the shooting process, I explore a lot of shooting angle, communicate with the models, and chit chat with each others.
当在摄影的过程中,我探索到不同的摄影角度, 和模特儿沟通,与模特儿们开心交谈。

I never forget my first ever group photo shooting at Port Dickson. Really worth it.

(P/S: My join of this photo shooting session was because of Carace Kwan, so I fight for the chance to meet her, tell you, she's amazing! My word cant explain how amazing she is........)