March 02, 2010

Jake and Vienna Speaks Out on Relationship and Rumors -- The Grand Finale of "Bachelor"

( Source ABC News )
"The Bachelor" star Jake Pavelka shocked viewers during the show's finale when he proposed to Vienna Girardi.
In a surprising finish to a season filled with emotional twists and unexpected drama, the 32-year-old pilot from Denton, Texas, chose Girardi, who stirred controversy among her fellow contestants and the show's fans, over finalist Tenley Molzahn.
The couple, still reeling from all the attention and getting ready for their future, told "Good Morning America" the experience was "amazing" and "incredible."
It's "awesome," Pavelka said.

Girardi, a 23-year-old marketing representative from Sanford, Fla., acknowledged that her appearance on the show was a "rollercoaster." When asked if it was a relief to be together with Pavelka at the end, she said, "yeah, it is."
Both said it's possible to find love on a reality show. The proof is "right here," Girardi said.
"You cannot control who your heart's going to fall for," Pavelka said. "I wanted it to fall for Tenley, but it fell for Vienna. You can't make your heart fall and you can't keep your heart from falling."
The couple say that haven't set a wedding date yet, and plan to live together before moving on to marriage.
During the finale, Pavelka said he could see both Girardi and Molzahn as his future wife and selected engagement rings for each woman.
"You're not supposed to be in love with two women at the same time," he said, citing his emotional connection with Molzahn -- "the girl with the heart of gold" -- and calling the physical chemistry with Girardi "lightning hot."
Both women professed their love for Pavelka during their final dates and presented him with gifts to signify their feelings.
"I'm head over heels in love," Girardi said. "I know we're going to be together, and we're going to last forever."
"I feel like I've fallen more in love with him," Molzhan said. "Jake is the guy I want to marry."

Pavelka said his experience as a contestant on "The Bachelorette" didn't fully prepare him for the difficulty of being "The Bachelor."
"I got to watch ['Bachelorette' Jillian Harris] do this," he said. "She made it look really easy, but it didn't prepare me. You just go into it wholeheartedly and hope and pray for the best. I didn't know that I would meet someone like [Girardi] … I had no idea that she was coming."
It was a long road to get to the final rose, and early on Girardi always seemed to draw a little drama. She said she viewed the other women in the house as competition, not as friends.
"The girls had their minds made up -- they didn't like me; they didn't want me there," she said.

Girardi called rumors in the tabloids that she had stolen money from her ex-husband and had a secret boyfriend entirely untrue.
"The first couple [of stories] that came out, I was really upset," she said. "So upset that they would fabricate these stories, and it was extremely hurtful for America to get this image of me that wasn't me at all."
Girardi wasn't the only one who drew attention on "The Bachelor." Contestant Rozlyn Papa was asked to leave the show when rumors surfaced that she was having an affair with one of the show's producers.
She denies the affair with the staffer, who was let go, but Girardi said she witnessed the two together.
"I was one of the girls that witnessed [them]," she said. "I had seen them cuddling on the couch together; it was extremely awkward."
"She said didn't say anything to Pavelka because she "never wanted to go to him and say something bad about the other women."
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