March 03, 2010

Funny ! Adolf Hitler gets Error 8001050F on his Playstation 3 during March 1 2010!

Do you believe that ? When a busy man like Adolf Hitler planning for the next assault plan, unfortunately an officers told Adolf there is a massive error on March 1 2010 when he is playing Heavy Rain with Adolf's PS3 !

Wow ~!! Adolf sure is pissed off by that and said " What the fuck is this shit!!!"
First , he screwed up the SEGA, XBOX 360, Atari 2600, now is the PS3 problem, all the games he played.....screwed up. Because ? BUGS! And he scolded on those bunch of useless engineer ~!

Alright, but overall, is totally damn funny video ever ! I didn't know that Adolf started to play Final Fantasy 13 more earlier than me !  ALRIGHT, LET'S LOOK ON THE VIDEO HERE and see what he's talking about ~

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