March 31, 2010

Blogger Blogger, I have quite a long time didn't update it.

Hello to blogger fans. Is quite a while, I'm doing a lot of photoshooting, run through a lot of official and unofficial event. And meet some great peoples too, and as well I gained myself with a lot of different knowledge though. Perhaps, it is a destiny to me as a photographer, being adventurous, dare, shoot fast and deadly, with one shot one kill. Like a sniper , isn't it ?

各位亲爱的读者们,好久没上来更新我的部落格。最近,本人也比较忙,常常去拍照,去了不少类型的活动,见证了很多新事物,认识很多新的脸孔。也许这就我做摄影师的本质,要充满挑战,要大胆,还要快,狠,准,甚至拍照拍到那种 “ 一枪毙命 ” 的程度。

Well, for the internet marketing instead, for those who want to play Google Adsense for maximum income which I think around 100USD per month to 2000 USD per month, I guess is possible way to exchange link, post thread, post new articles, sell your product or anything else to attract the traffic. Besides, recently I quite busy as well, so for the fellow Adsense freaks like me, I may be will not available for this time because I'll gonna catch up the Formula 1 season for the Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang, I'll deal with you guys next time, sincerely sorry to all of you.


Alright, that's all for the update. Hope you guys get in touch with me soon. And please, NO SPAM OF COMMENT ON MY BLOG. Supportive and general kind of comment are welcome to post. Thanks !


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