May 25, 2009

A Small Gathering of 5S7 CHKL @ MidValley

Old friends is still old friends. Long time we never see each other since we left the school. Until 2009, we finally reunite again. Although less, but it feels more better.
Well, we have eat, talk, walk. And me of course addicted on shooting some subject for no purpose.
Fun always arrounding when we gather together and talk.

Photoshoot with PeiPei and Yvonne

Well, I started with this photoshoot by said, we all arrived early at Maluri, Cheras for photoshoot with Pei Pei and Yvonne.
那我先由我们到了马鲁里的Pizza Hut 那里说起,我们都很早就到了就是等Pei Pei 和 Yvonne 一起来拍照。

In this case, we have waited Roger Ong, our organizer of the photoshoot as well as one of my friend though for so long until his car arrived with 2 pretty model.

This time the theme is still Roger's favourite theme, Abandon House. It may sounds horrible, dirty, wet, scattering, harsh, but it is a challenge to the models and photographers.

Well, this time I communicated well with the models and as well I have take a chance to get close to know these models, as well as new friends of photographers.

Honestly, the terrain of the abandon house is quite a bit hard for me to walk , but I'm use to it when walk at kampung area. Suddenly, I'm turn to be an assistant for Pei Pei to assist her and walk through the harsh terrain, that time I felt nervous ( I don't know how to describe "nervous" is )

Overall of the photoshoot, walk, sit, knee-ing, lay down, every kind of motion I have try to capture, explore different angle, keep on compose the photo composition, look at the "angel" eyes. It is a big success to me after learn the lesson last time I shoot at P.D with Carace and Elliana, and sure must put everything that I learn on Pei Pei and Yvonne's photoshoot.

A big thanks to Roger Ong and all the photographers who works together with me to shoot a massive great picture. Besides, the whole photoshoot with highest honour sure is Pei Pei and Yvonne. They have done a great job and I'm absolutely addicted and love them very much.

Photoshoot with Pei Pei and Yvonne (PHOTO POST)

Since I lazy to arrange the photo, well I guess just let it be free to watch. I might be don't know how to choose but put some of it I think is best to show everyone.