About Me

Hi ! Welcome to my profile. 

Born at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,  since November 26, year1989, it is exactly the Saggitarius zodiac in 12 constellation makes me the true shooter as the characteristic of Saggitarius. I'm a fast , hyperactive, crazy and super lazy person, former Kuen Cheng (2) primary school and Chong Hwa Independent High School students gives me the advantage in knowing tons of knowledge that nobody had. 

Well, currently I'm just a normal photographer based on Kuala Lumpur. Practically, I'm not just a photographer, I'm also have worked as promoter, newspaper vendor with my mom, web designer, instructor of computer skills and so on ...... well, that is young time. I'm mostly involved in news coverage, sports, event, portraiture and so on to explore my skill and the sense of creating artwork.

I'm almost involved and exposed in different kind of environment, whether at studio, at racetrack, at the event, whenever I am , I can withstand long time of exhaustion and able to do things independently in order to accomplish a mission. I'm also even get to know tons of friends from various field and I'm quite love to chat with anybody who want to know me more. 

Besides, self-development and creative thinking in photography makes me more confident in facing different kind of people and able to communicate to everyone to generate a great relationship between friends and partner as well ....

Nevertheless, my personality is quite easy-going, honest to the tell the truth (which may be lead to cheat by people might be ), friendly, playful, hyper-active all the time, love to laugh out loud but easy get angry and upset when something is failed to do something. Life is just like this, is enjoy every moment you had whenever you going. 

Personally, in photography world , there is no right or wrong, is the way how you create something to impress the audiences and the viewers, and I don't like any jealousy and fight between photographers in photography world, because it is a bad attitude in case and also I love peace , never hurt anyone around us. Enjoy the life in peace with photography and see through the world with your eyes and through the lens.

I think ...... my photo is NOT SO GOOD too........so let's LEARN TOGETHER !