June 18, 2010

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June 14, 2010

1 Malaysia Rally ( PREVIEW )

Here is some of the preview photo that I took at the Stadium Indoor Putra, Bukit Jalil about the 1 Malaysia Rally against the Israel violence act on Palestinian citizens. This event is officially launched by the Prime Minister Malaysia Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and he urged the citizens must stand up and be strong to stand on the justice side. Besides, tons of activities and booth happened in the stadium and it is all about the Gaza. 

June 12, 2010

World Cup 2010 Update : South Africa vs Mexico

Update the latest news on World Cup 2010

South Africa vs Mexico ended the game with breathtaking 1 vs 1 draw game in 93 minutes game with additional 3 minutes from the normal time. Both side have quite a same problem which is wait the opportunity when defenders were outside range of the penalty area and take a score.

What really a shame is South African striker almost scoring a goal for 2 vs 1 but it missed at the edge of the goal door and practically the shooting angle is too small for scoring one more goal.

Majority of the people will bet for the South African or the host nation football team will win the game but it ended up with a draw, obviously it might be a sad ending for the fans of South Africa. But we will look further what will going on for the next game ......

June 09, 2010

Countdown to FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa

This is the moment that we've been waiting for 4 years, the FIFA World Cup 2010 Final will be coming soon in next couple of days as this time is hosted by South Africa for the first time ever in the history of FIFA.  11 June 2010 will be started to kick off for the first round of the football match as the host nation South Africa will be match against Mexico , and Uruguay will be fight against France for the Group A match.

For the information about South Africa FIFA 2010 , the official mascot for the current FIFA 2010 is ZAKUMI, an anthropomorphised leopard with green hair, presented on 22 September 2008. The word of " ZA " represent the South Africa in term of the international abbreviation , while the word of " KUMI " which means " ten " in African various languages. Yellow and Green are the two main color that represents them.

What interesting and unique about the Zakumi is their motto : " Zakumi's game is fair play " and also their official theme song for the South African FIFA World Cup 2010 is " WAKA WAKA " presented by the Colombian singer Shakira and the band " Freshlyground " from South Africa in English and Spanish language.The song is based upon a traditional African soldiers' song named Zangalewa. Shakira and Freshlyground will perform the song at the pre-tournament Kick-Off concert in Soweto on 10 June. It will also be sung at the opening ceremony and at the final on 11 July.

Check out the schedule for the upcoming football matches for the FIFA World Cup 2010 that soon will be kick off, stay tune on the TV as the LIVE action will bring on from your local television station. 

Group A
MatchDate - TimeVenue
111/06 16:00Johannesburg - JSCSouth AfricaSouth AfricavsMexicoMexico
211/06 20:30Cape TownUruguayUruguayvsFranceFrance
1716/06 20:30Tshwane/PretoriaSouth AfricaSouth AfricavsUruguayUruguay
1817/06 20:30PolokwaneFranceFrancevsMexicoMexico
3322/06 16:00RustenburgMexicoMexicovsUruguayUruguay
3422/06 16:00Mangaung/BloemfonteinFranceFrancevsSouth AfricaSouth Africa
Group B
MatchDate - TimeVenue
312/06 16:00Johannesburg - JEPArgentinaArgentinavsNigeriaNigeria
412/06 13:30Nelson Mandela Bay/Port ElizabethKorea RepublicKorea RepublicvsGreeceGreece
1917/06 16:00Mangaung/BloemfonteinGreeceGreecevsNigeriaNigeria
2017/06 13:30Johannesburg - JSCArgentinaArgentinavsKorea RepublicKorea Republic
3522/06 20:30DurbanNigeriaNigeriavsKorea RepublicKorea Republic
3622/06 20:30PolokwaneGreeceGreecevsArgentinaArgentina
Group C
MatchDate - TimeVenue
512/06 20:30RustenburgEnglandEnglandvsUSAUSA
613/06 13:30PolokwaneAlgeriaAlgeriavsSloveniaSlovenia
2218/06 16:00Johannesburg - JEPSloveniaSloveniavsUSAUSA
2318/06 20:30Cape TownEnglandEnglandvsAlgeriaAlgeria
3723/06 16:00Nelson Mandela Bay/Port ElizabethSloveniaSloveniavsEnglandEngland
3823/06 16:00Tshwane/PretoriaUSAUSAvsAlgeriaAlgeria
Group D
MatchDate - TimeVenue
713/06 20:30DurbanGermanyGermanyvsAustraliaAustralia
813/06 16:00Tshwane/PretoriaSerbiaSerbiavsGhanaGhana
2118/06 13:30Nelson Mandela Bay/Port ElizabethGermanyGermanyvsSerbiaSerbia
2419/06 16:00RustenburgGhanaGhanavsAustraliaAustralia
3923/06 20:30Johannesburg - JSCGhanaGhanavsGermanyGermany
4023/06 20:30NelspruitAustraliaAustraliavsSerbiaSerbia
Group E
MatchDate - TimeVenue
914/06 13:30Johannesburg - JSCNetherlandsNetherlandsvsDenmarkDenmark
1014/06 16:00Mangaung/BloemfonteinJapanJapanvsCameroonCameroon
2519/06 13:30DurbanNetherlandsNetherlandsvsJapanJapan
2619/06 20:30Tshwane/PretoriaCameroonCameroonvsDenmarkDenmark
4324/06 20:30RustenburgDenmarkDenmarkvsJapanJapan
4424/06 20:30Cape TownCameroonCameroonvsNetherlandsNetherlands
Group F
MatchDate - TimeVenue
1114/06 20:30Cape TownItalyItalyvsParaguayParaguay
1215/06 13:30RustenburgNew ZealandNew ZealandvsSlovakiaSlovakia
2720/06 13:30Mangaung/BloemfonteinSlovakiaSlovakiavsParaguayParaguay
2820/06 16:00NelspruitItalyItalyvsNew ZealandNew Zealand
4124/06 16:00Johannesburg - JEPSlovakiaSlovakiavsItalyItaly
4224/06 16:00PolokwaneParaguayParaguayvsNew ZealandNew Zealand
Group G
MatchDate - TimeVenue
1315/06 16:00Nelson Mandela Bay/Port ElizabethCôte d'IvoireCôte d'IvoirevsPortugalPortugal
1415/06 20:30Johannesburg - JEPBrazilBrazilvsKorea DPRKorea DPR
2920/06 20:30Johannesburg - JSCBrazilBrazilvsCôte d'IvoireCôte d'Ivoire
3021/06 13:30Cape TownPortugalPortugalvsKorea DPRKorea DPR
4525/06 16:00DurbanPortugalPortugalvsBrazilBrazil
4625/06 16:00NelspruitKorea DPRKorea DPRvsCôte d'IvoireCôte d'Ivoire
Group H
MatchDate - TimeVenue
1516/06 13:30NelspruitHondurasHondurasvsChileChile
1616/06 16:00DurbanSpainSpainvsSwitzerlandSwitzerland
3121/06 16:00Nelson Mandela Bay/Port ElizabethChileChilevsSwitzerlandSwitzerland
3221/06 20:30Johannesburg - JEPSpainSpainvsHondurasHonduras
4725/06 20:30Tshwane/PretoriaChileChilevsSpainSpain
4825/06 20:30Mangaung/BloemfonteinSwitzerlandSwitzerlandvsHondurasHonduras