September 30, 2008

Unbelievable truth that I found....

29 August 2008, 12.30p.m. Mun Keat suddenly asked me about the a girl that I snap,
That girl was the recently I go Toyo Drift Competition 2008 Team Toyo Drift model,

But, till today, many peoples still told me about her, and told me about she's one of the former ChongHwa student too,

They told me, she is ~ Ambernie Liew Mei Ying, god! I'm shocked!
他们告诉我,她的名是Ambernie Liew Mei Ying,我的天啊!我大为震惊呢!
By the way, I didn't even know about the details of her, have I ever same class with her?


I don't believe what I have seen through from my eye.

She's a lot beautiful, I'm also attracted to her matureness, beautifulness and hardworkshipness.

Well, I just can told myself, can see but can't cross any boundary, which means cannot touch.

If I can meet her face to face, sure is a great honour to me to meet a famous model like her.

September 29, 2008

MVEC 2nd story- Beauty Expo 2008

After I spotted the ACGC at Hall 3 of MVEC, MidValley, I managed to go on the next event.

That is Beauty Expo 2008 at Hall 1.

A lots of beauty expert, workers, technicians, customers, photographers are everywhere.

What a good opportunity to know a lot of nice peoples and have a chat with them.

By the way, I saw a girl that missing for a long time since Form 5,

No doubt, if you know her, she is the one who take care the PlayStation gameshop "boss",

Let me introduce, Eva Leong Moon Yee. A beautician currently, the most beautiful girl I ever met,
让我介绍,Eva 梁敏仪,美容师,认识这么多人中最美的一位,

“Lost” for a long time finally have a reunion in that beauty expo.,a very grateful for me.

Another, I saw one of my community guy from, although I dont know his name.
另外,我还看见一个来自与我相同的组织,, 连我也不懂他的名。

But, I have a great chat and enjoy all of the show that day. Thank you!

Ok, let's see what have I got on my picture.

1)Reunion of Eva and Me./我和阿姐,Eva的重逢

2)Say "Cheese" to the camera/来对镜头笑!

3) dude/ 的同党

4)Remember them, and buy their good product!/记得她们,记得购买她们的产品!

5)Beautician is giving detail to customer/美容师解释产品的细节

6)Man now are like beauty too/现在的男人也爱美哦!

7)Yeah!"Cheese!" for me!/来!对我笑吧!

8)Datin is asking some question/拿汀夫人询问一些问题

9) Don't take me! I'm shy.../别拍我,我很害羞的......

10)This girl pretty for you?/这个美女美吗?

11)Little boy play lucky draw?/这个小孩玩抽奖?

12)What a sweet moment..../一个很美的时刻

13) Want buy this ?/要买吗?

14)Bamboo stick treatment/竹条医疗法

15)Hello, girls, smile always!/嘿!美女们,笑口常开哦!

16)"What the hell you disturb me!?"/你在搞什么屁啊?!讨厌

17)Blow the hair..../吹那乌黑的头发.......

18)Come massage, guys.../过来按摩吧!各位

19)This lady very relax and enjoy/这位小姐很轻松和享受过程

20)Some beauty treatment/一些美容作业

21)Wedding clothes model/婚纱装

22)This aunty so enjoy reading/这位大嫂很享受阅读

23) Time to eat!/吃东西时间!

24)Lucky Draw session/幸运抽奖时刻

25)Beauty treatment demo./美容示范

26)A great dance from California Fitness/一个精彩的舞蹈来自加州健身中心

September 28, 2008

MVEC 1st story- ACGC 2008 Grand Finale

Well, never find myself involved in Anime, Comic, and Games (ACG) event,

But, this time, it gave me a chance at 27 August held at MVEC, MidValley,

Attend and photoshoot this kind of event, explore a lot of many things that I like to see.

Well, let see what I have shoot for that day of event.