March 03, 2010

It's a Sad News. A trainer killed by a killer whale at Sea World

News from CBS

This is a shocking news that I heard from the famous Sea World from Florida. As there is thousands of exciting audiences watched on the whale performance, a Sea World trainer has killed by a wild 12,000 pound killer whale, the trainer is certified dead.

I can't believe that an entertainment whale triggered itself to be a killer whale, unfortunately, there is horrible scene continues to show when this entertainment showed up in front of 2000 audiences.

As the Sea World authorities said, currently they don't allow trainer to enter the water with whales. Besides, all long hair instructors are advised to tie up their hair too.

I might think on the rage of wild animal have triggered the incident happens , and sometimes we need to think on the side of animals. Let them free to the sea. But in facts, the truth is not as what we said. The facts is most of the entertainment park developers used animals as their tool of making money and attract thousand of visitors to their theme park. I guessed which is about USD 70 per person who entered Sea World.

Sea World, I can say is they will keep continue on the their show to attract thousands of customers without terminate the animals show. If the shows stop, sure, they will lose a bunch of money all because of the non-stop incidents of killing and close down for the further investigation.

Likewise, it seems that Sea World is so money addicted that the awful death of one of its trainer or worker doesn't even make the owners think twice about continuing the whale show so quickly.

Actually, a lot of organization and society, even the unofficial groups can prevent the innocent animal trainers from getting killed by wild animals that are not meant to be in captivity, but first, they must stop attending the show to prevent this further incidents happen again.


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