October 15, 2011

Wedding Photographers in Bournemouth - Top 5 Backdrops

Howdy aspiring wedding photographers in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. In last month's article I offered some of the best spots in Bournemouth for your Locations repertoire. This month I will be zooming in even closer and focusing on five specific backdrops in Bournemouth that you can use in your wedding photography.

Before I give you the lowdown on the best textures in Bournemouth, let's take a moment to consider what makes an effective background for wedding photography. In general terms, a good background is one that is not so bland as too detract from the subject, nor is it so busy that it distracts from it. If the background has a romantic connotation or it gives a nod towards the personalities of your bride and groom or the locality, this will further enhance your wedding photography.

With this in mind, let's examine some of the best backgrounds for wedding photographers in Bournemouth.

1. Geometry and Colour: Coloured beach-huts between Bournemouth & Boscombe piers. These form a rainbow which adds colour and warmth. Their geometry gives rhythm and great lead-in lines. Stand on the sand and ask the wedding couple to walk along the promenade, shooting back towards them at an angle.

2. Flora: Wedding photographers in Bournemouth are spoilt for choice as there are plenty of parks and gardens. Take care that the backgrounds are gently out of focus so as not to distract the eye and there are no branches appearing to poke out of the wedding couple's heads. A nice touch is to select an area where flowers in the background match the colours in the bridal bouquet. The Upper Gardens in Bournemouth have a particularly fine array of rare plant species and is often a little less busy.

3. Sea & Sky: We are blessed in this area to have sweeping blue sea and sky which make an evocative backdrop. If a reportage style makes shooting with filters prohibitive, shoot in RAW, underexposing by 1.5stops. This will ensure colour can be brought out in the sky and highlights can be brightened in post-production. If wedding couples want the wedding car included in the shots, Bournemouth Council sometimes allow vehicles onto the promenade. Contact them in advance to check when the gates will be open.

4. Urban: Wedding photographers in Bournemouth can make use of the many styles of architecture in the town. For wedding couples looking for a funkier, grittier edge, try the graffiti wall outside '60 million postcards.' For 1930s glamour choose 'Bliss' on St Peter's Road.

5. 'Saying Bournemouth': If you really want to contextualise your wedding photography in Bournemouth, nothing signifies the town better than the pier. This offers great lead-in lines and a lovely seascape to boot. Also consider using the land train for group shots & the 'Bournemouth Eye' balloon.

To sum up, wedding photographers in Bournemouth have some great backdrops at their disposal. Remember to ask yourself 'Does this backdrop distract from or enhance the subject?'

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