October 20, 2011

Photography Tips for Honeymooners

Isn't it great that after your special day you get to go on a great holiday? Even better, you know when you get back you will have your wedding photographs ready for that first draft viewing? Even better, you will have loads and loads of great honeymoon photographs. Won't you? Well, the usual answer to the last question is..erm...possibly! In this short article I am going to share with you some of the secrets to taking real photographs, not just holiday snaps!

Tip 1 -Think about Composition - don't just point and shoot.

This sounds simple but is really a great tip. Think about the photograph your taking. What is the subject, what is behind the subject? We have all seen photos of people with things sticking out of their heads!
Make sure the background is interesting for Tip 2...

Tip 2 - The Rule of Thirds

This is a great rule used by professional photographers the world over. When you're looking at the back of your point and shoot or DSLR imagine the screen has lines on it that split the view into thirds.
Place you main subject where the lines intersect and you are generally onto a winner. Make sure you follow Tip 1 to get some interesting background!

(Rough stone walls, tree bark or landscape / seascapes are all interesting backgrounds by the way.)

Tip 3 - Get your self a little tripod or beanbag!

These are great if you want to take that all-important shot with both of you in the photograph and there is no one around to take it for you. A beanbag is really cheap and you only need a very small one. The tripod is a little more expensive and the best of the small bunch are the Gorilla Pods that can be wrapped around anything.

Tip 4 - if you can afford it invest in a cheap DSLR

You don't need to spend a fortune to get a really great camera that will give you so much more scope for your honeymoon photographs and provide you with an introduction to an addictive hobby - photography! Anything more than around ?450 including a standard lens is too much money, unless you're buying from e-Bay. (and if you do make sure the camera isn't't damaged!) Obviously if you can afford it you can pay a fortune - but save your money for those honeymoon treats!

Andrew Miller

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