October 12, 2011

How To Frame Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos are the most expensive and the most special photos you will ever own. There is a lot of money and effort put into getting wedding photos that truly capture the special moments of your big day. The photos are likely to include those people in your life who you love the most and are closest to you. This means you will want to take your time when choosing which photos to display and how to display them. You will want them to be a part of your home decor and add a personal look to your space. It is also important to make sure the photos are noticed. If you are going to the effort of spending the money on professional photos and then having them framed, it is important to make sure they are protected and look great. You also want to highlight them once they are on the walls with an LED picture light or art light. This will draw attention to the photo and add a museum-quality to the display in your home.

To create an interesting display of photos, choose bold frames in a variety of sizes. The photos will stand out if you create a collection or collage and display the photos in different sizes. You can have different sized prints or have the photos matted if they are all the same size. Even a smaller photo like a 4X6 or 5X7 is striking and eye-catching if matted and framed in a bold manner. A collection of photos is a great way to draw attention to the event, so while you can scatter wedding photos throughout your home; choose a single spot to hang a collage of several wedding photos.

When choosing your frames, pick colors that not only complement your home decor, but also the photos themselves. When you snap pictures, there will likely be a mix of colors and most frames will look fine with most photos taken by a novice. However, when you have professional wedding photos taken, color is going to be an important part of the photo. You will have spent months planning your wedding color scheme and your photographer will spend a great deal of time making sure your surroundings go well with the photos. When framing, do your best to maintain the integrity of the work.

Your wedding photos were likely expensive and it is important to keep them protected. Choose well-made frames that will keep the photos protected from scratches and fading. Professional framing will ensure you get a high-quality framing job, another important part of protecting your photos.

Finally, make sure the scale of your photos and frames matches that of your room. If you have a large room with oversized furniture, miniature photo frames will be lost. For small, intimate spaces, a huge photo and frame will overwhelm the space. Though it is perfectly fine to choose a variety of sizes, choose all of the in relation to the scale of your space.

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