October 24, 2011

How to Select the Best Photoshop Tutorials

Digital photo editing is today's equivalent of dark room and it is an essential part of photographic process. This is why any person serious about their photos need to have skills to edit their work. But photo editing software can be complicated to use so it is quite often necessary to seek help in the form of tutorials. There are hundreds of them available on the market. Some are web based courses, other are classes you have to attend in person. Majority of them is expensive, so it is essential to choose wisely. Here are some things to consider before committing to any course.

1. Find out who the audience is
Photoshop is used by a huge variety of people - photographers, graphic designers, photo editors and some others. Each of these groups uses the software in a different way, so the training they receive need to be different. So before you sign up for a course find out who it is designed for. If you are a photographer you will not benefit much from a course for designers and vice versa. This is why it is crucial to have an understanding of what exactly is a content of the training program you want to buy.

2. Get a trial
Never ever buy a course if you can't try it first. It is simply too risky. Additionally, if a course provider does not offer free trial or free lesson than potentially they have something to hide. Most often it is a poor quality of their product they don't want you to find out about. Getting free trial is also important, so you can find out if you like how the instructions are being provided, if they are clear and easy to follow. You don't want to end up with tutorials you don't understand.

3. Ask other for feedback
This is probably the single best thing you can do to ensure you are getting good product. Find a couple of discussion forums online dedicated to photo editing and ask about a course you are considering. You are guaranteed to get a response from forum members. People active in that kind of online communities love to share their experiences. They will be able to provide lots of information about what is being offered in a course, if it delivers what it promises and if they find it useful.

Those three simple steps will help you to save money and frustration, so it is definitely worth spending a couple of days researching your purchase.

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