October 05, 2011

Equipment You Will Need to Be a Photographer

Photography is an art and it is not all about the cameras and flashes. In fact there are lots more equipment requires and the professional photographers are aware of that. In search of a good shot they need tripods, light meters, filters and not to forget the lenses as well.


It is a kind of stand with three legs and it is used to place the camera on it. They are useful for all the locations and without this there is a risk of getting dim, unclear or blurry pictures. Tripods are foldable and can easily be kept into the camera bag.

Another extension of tripods is monopods and the only difference among the two is that monopods have only one leg. Due to that after folding they can be kept in pocket as well. They are more suitable during travel or covering any outdoor sporting event.

Light Meter

The light meter is essential equipment that is most needed by photographers. It is utilized in measuring the availability of natural light in any area. The photographers rely on light meters to tune the shutter speed, and also to check the sensitivity of the camera to light. The role of the light meter is increased in places where light is really low and situation is quite darker.

Lens Filters

Lens filters are used to enhance the impact of the pictures by adding some shades and also to improve the colour saturation. They are fitted over the lens of the camera and helps in transforming the complete look of the pictures. The two vital types of filters are linear circular polarizing filter and the other one is UV.


The common response of the prestigious photographers from all around the world will be that the lenses are the integral and most important part of the photography. There are normally three categories of lenses which are used for different situations and locations. The standard, wide angle and telephoto are the different types of lenses. The standard lenses are the most common one and they come up with every camera as built in. The wide angle lenses are specifically used to capture images with their horizon. The third type of lenses is the telephoto lenses. They are best utilized in taking the pictures of beautiful landscapes and mysterious wildlife.

Apart from the above mentioned equipments, a photographer must also not forget the buy camera cleaning kit, a water proof camera bag, lens hood and an external flash gun. If he is passionate enough then a set of dark room equipment should also be bought and should accompanied him when he left for his home

Photography is like a passion and people who are passionate for this habit can do anything and can pay any cost to fulfil their craze.

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