February 25, 2010

Whitehat Copycat - Example Of Macro Niches

By: Alexandrie Earlsmith

Niche market research is the first step that you should take before creating the website. In case you didn't know, there are two type of niches. Those are macro niche and micro niche.

Tim Bekker has created a unique system called Whitehat Copycat. Basically, Whitehat Copycat is about targeting macro niches. Such niche is searched million times per week. Hence, if you could get small portion of this niche, there's a high chance you will be making the money. Here's are example of macro niches:

  1. Antivirus market. Don't browse the internet without antivirus program installed. That gives you the idea on how big antivirus market is. New virus is released by cyber criminals everyday. Therefore, thousands of computer users are searching for antivirus download. Antivirus download has become the source of revenue for lots of companies, including Kaspersky, Norton and CNET.

  2. Registry cleaner download. Registry is the core of Windows operating system. When one computer is still new, there is less registry problem. However, once it is used to browse the web, installing programs or downloads, the registry could be corrupted, resulting in slow computer. Registry cleaner could solve these problems. People who use the computer and internet faces slows down and blue screen error problem everyday and this could mean huge market for you.

  3. Video player program. Media player and mp3 player program are popular downloads at Download.com. In fact, most computers have programs like Winamp, Quick Time Player and Real Player installed.

Antivirus, registry cleaner and media player download are example of macro niches. These programs is a must in every computer and without doubt will be searched million times per day. Target one keyword in these niches and you can expect to get thousands of traffic in a matter of days.

However, keep in mind that not all traffic that comes from these keywords are buyers. In fact, majority of them are just looking for freeware, and therefore will less likely convert into sales. That's why Whitehat Copycat is not just about making sale from affiliate programs alone. Tim Bekker recommend that you generate revenue from these models:

  1. Publish Google Adsense ads in your website. Unlike affiliate programs, you will earn revenue when someone click on your Adsense ads. Therefore, no selling is required.

  2. Pay-per-lead affiliate marketing. This model is also known as CPA marketing. You don't need to sell anything. However, you most convince visitors to download the program or sign up for free trial offer. Once they sign up, you will be paid.

  3. Affiliate programs. You can find thousands of affiliate networks in computer software niche. For example, One Network Direct and Regnow. By registering as their affiliates, you can sell thousands of computer programs, antivirus, registry cleaner and antispyware program.

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