February 28, 2010

WARNING ! Tsunami is closing to Hawaii

Latest data reported from the tsunami warning center that anytime the tsunami will hit the coast area of Hawaii and be advised to evacuate immediately and take extreme precaution on what's happen next after the hit.

“The state Department of Transportation urged all shipping agents and shipping companies to get their ships out of port this morning following the anticipated 6 a.m. tsunami siren warning. One cruise ship was scheduled to arrive in Honolulu Harbor for refueling this morning but was scheduled to leave before 6 a.m., DOT spokeswoman Tammy Mori said. Harbor police are also physically notifying harbor tenants about the warning.”

NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center have received a warning data that the tsunami may hit the Hawaii anytime. The governments advised the Hawaiian citizens to take extreme precaution and evacuation steps to prevent any possible destruction. Since the Chile hit by measuring in Ritcher scale of 8.8 earthquake, and the earthquake have set off a tsunami that may hit any coast in Pacific Ocean anytime. 

For more information , check out the warning message and latest data on NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL , BE SAFE.

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