February 27, 2010

Inverted Nipple -- The Knowledge of Breast

Have you spotted your breast or nipples protract all because when breastfeeding, as well as using the breast pump and during pregnancy caused you have an inverted nipples ?

Well, here is your answer : An inverted nipples or formerly known as invaginated nipples, is the nipples instead pointing outside, it is retracted inside the breast. Why is it happened ? ALL BECAUSE of during pregnancy , or even resulted by the breastfeeding. Some of the mothers naturally have inverted nipples, so when they feed the children, it won't be have any pain and complication in feeding, however, for the inexperienced mothers may experience an average pain and soreness when attempting to nurse.

Besides, the use of breast pump or even suction device may caused the inverted nipples as well. Also, frequent stimulation such as sexual intercourse such as nipple sucking also caused the inverted nipples too.

To curb this kind of situation, the most direct way is going for the plastic surgery. But, if a woman choose to have plastic surgery, the result MAY BE it will lose the breastfeed capacity permanently.

Another curing method is to have nipples being pierced, this method only allows if the nipples temporarily protracted.  Because the pierced jewellery prevents the nipples from protract, and it might be have adverse effects. The success of this method, everyone's opinion is mixed.

Besides this strategies,  is that you can use special device which is specifically designed to draw out inverted niplpes or a homemade nipple protractor can be constructed out of a 10cc dispoable syringe. Noted that this kind of method is use when the preparation for the breastfeeding is going on.

Two methods which are now discouraged are breast shells and also the Hoffman technique. The first one may be used to apply gentle constant pressure to the areola in order to try and break any adhesions under the skin that are preventing the nipple from being drawn out. The shells are worn inside the bra.

However, the Hoffman technique is a nipple stretching exercise that may help loosen the adhesions at the base of the nipples when performed several times a day. Although both techniques are heavily promoted, but there is a report and research in 1992, report shows that not only do shells and the Hoffman technique not promote more successful breastfeeding, they may actually disrupt it.

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