February 27, 2010

Canadian Ice Hockey Team crush Slovakia Team , Next Stop : The American Champion

It is a great major success for the Canadian Ice Hockey Team beaten the Slovakia Ice Hockey Team with a result of  3 - 2 , Saturday they have to face off with the strong former Winter Olympic gold medalist, the Yankee, American Ice Hockey Team. 

Saturday afternoon ( U.S. time), on the final day of these Games, Canadian will play against the United States team, an Olympic gold medal going to the victory. The Canadians -- a team in major disarray just six days ago, got there with a shockingly taut 3 -2 victory against the Slovakia team in the semifinals, earning them another shot at the Americans, with the stakes considerably higher than they were last Sunday.

That was when the U.S beat Canada, 5 - 3 in the preliminary round, chasing a future Hall of Fame goaltender, Martin Brodeur, to the bench, and initiating days of collective, coast - to - coast hand-wringing north of the border. 

The American team have a great feeling might find a way back to win the championship games for the ice hockey by heavily pounded on the Canadian team -- with a roster teaming with all the NHL mega players -- have done just that, after clean sweep the Germany team 8 -2 , and Russians 7 -3 , and now Slovakian.

What will be the final judgement on the American versus Canadian for the final round of the Winter Olympics 2010 at Vancouver ? Find out more on the official website for the Winter Olympics 2010 at here : http://www.vancouver2010.com/     ENJOY !

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