October 13, 2009

Studio Shoot - The First Ever Touch

When semester started, there is a subject called Digital Imaging. And required to work more on the studio shooting. Well, firstly sounds fun. But, it's not an easy job, firstly you have to know what kind of equipment you have to use in studio, secondly you have to know how to measuring using light metre for correct exposure , thirdly in studio, besides the place is quite small and limited unlike the outdoor, you need something good gear in studio, so I have purchased EF 70-200mm f/4L USM.
当学期已开始时,我们有一个科目,就是数码影像,所要做多的是在摄影棚里做功课。开始时,看起来很好玩的。但是,这不是一件容易的工作。第一,要知道和了解摄影棚里的器材,方能使用。第二,要如何运用测光器准确量出正确的曝光。第三,在摄影棚里,地方很小,不像户外那么宽,需要一些好的装备,我就选购了 EF 70-200mm f/4L USM.

The reason I purchased this lens is because it is a good portrait lens and also a good telephoto lens for medium range. Besides, since it is a "L" lens, the first production in Canon 70-200mm series, it is quite sharp and perfectly clear in image. Also, this lens also good for sports and birding too. It's really happy to own this.
买这个镜头的主要原因是因为它是个很好的人像镜头,而且是很好的中程变焦镜头。另外,除了因为它是“L”系列的镜头以外,这镜头也是佳能 70-200毫米变焦镜头系列中第一个推出的类型。而且照片很尖锐和清晰。此外,这个镜头本身在运动和鸟类拍摄都很适合。很开心能拥有此物。

Back to the topic, it's quite challenging in studio shooting, have to repeat and repeat the shot when we have make mistake. Also, we have to measure correctly or calculate the perfect exposure to the subject in order to make a good picture. A lot of subject that I've shot in this long journey of studio shooting.

Overall, teamwork have made us success all the way, besides in individual work , we have share the knowledge and help each other in producing good work. Although it is a very tough journey, I believed in photography world, nothing is impossible.


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