October 08, 2009

Cameron Highland - The Land of Heaven

Few weeks ago, I was heading to the Cameron Highland for the first time. The road was like zig-zag spin non-stop for an hour. Besides, the mountain quite high and unbelievable far from the city.

Halfway of the road, I getting the chance to see the legendary waterfall at the mountain too. Have some photograph there , and continue the journey to the mountain . Just felt a bit dizzy because it is different with the Genting Highland that I went the most.
中途,我还有机会欣赏山上中的一个传奇瀑布呢~ 在那儿拍一些照片,继续往高山进发。感觉有点晕或呕吐,因为这种上山的感觉有异于我经常去的云顶高原。

Unbelievable is after I reach the mountain , whole Cameron Highland is totally big and it is out of my expectation. Pretty, peaceful, calm and just like a heaven. If I could , I sure live here with family and the person who I love.

Cameron Highland have a lot of garden , farm , market , flora and fauna too. I managed to get a lot of pictures more on flower, it is truly a beauty at this beautiful land in the mountain. I also have visited some places like the temple , cafe and other.

Before this trip ended , we've managed to get to Ipoh and have some dinner there , this time I have conquer 5 bowl of big rice for no problem. Cleanup all the food on the table , everybody was full. Overall, it is a really fun and peaceful trip I ever had.

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