October 08, 2009

China Military Parade Rehearsal 中国国庆彩排

Eve of the Hari Raya, I was followed with the Reuter reporter to get some story about the China Military Parade Rehearsal. I was darn too happy and I never go any country before, is like dream comes true. The flight ticket to Beijing is ready and fly to there. Arrived at afternoon.

Why I can go ? Everyone asked this question , actually that Reuter reporter invited me to have a special journey with him and help him complete the task. Well, before that I was disagree, but then is the big chance to see the power of China, so I agree finally.

The security there quite tight at all , and everyone must check before they entered the place. And I'm glad to see the People Liberation Army have their rehearsal in very well organize, timing totally correct , the action also precise.

When the time step to the night time , 1am , the rehearsal of all formation of soldiers and armour vehicles is started. Everything is a perfect scene, and perfect walk and timing to all the military personnel. The rehearsal ended with the singing formation which in theme of the 4 Chairman of China Communist Party.

In the morning, I also able to watch the China Air Force have their rehearsal at the skyline of Beijing TianAnMen Square. All flight formation is perfect and I love the sound of the jet engine. J-10 fighter and YJ-2000 Airborne Early Warning and Control plane is the main focus in this rehearsal. Before I left Beijing, I snap as much as photo that I can.
早上时分,我还能看到中国空军梯队的彩排跨过北京天安门上空。所有梯队都整齐飞过,我也爱上了它们的引擎声。歼-10 战机和预警-2000是这次彩排的主要焦点。在我还未离开北京之前,多多拍下几张照片。

Overall, it is a big success for this trip and I safely returned to Malaysia and reunite with family at Genting Highland. Thanks to that Reuter reporter and I'm able to shoot this historical event at 21st century.

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