October 07, 2009

Ambernie finally return !

Didn't write the blog for few months, finally I get the chance to here and write.

Well, the first story I want to bring for you all is Ambernie Liew's story. After 1 years of hiding, finally she is return back for action. I'm glad to see her once again on Sunday 4 October 2009.

Luckily I knew that there is a photoshooting session from my friend, Sherman. Well, I was felt happy but just about financial problem. I swear I want to meet her one more time.

Have a tea break and lunch with all photographer, I'm just stuck at the corner with friends like Max, Caravan Duke ( Anson ) , Tommy Tan, and Zakaria ( Zack ), when Ambernie came, just have a look. She was accompany by her "friend" or "boyfriend" I don't know. I just silent only.
When Sherman shout my name, I only knew that I must say "Hello" to Ambernie, as a result, I'm just quite shy to talk her, well, may be because ..... a lot of reason.
与所有摄影人喝下午茶,我呢~就坐在最角落,与安顺,Max, Tommy, Zakaria等人一起谈天。当美莹来了后,只是看了看而已。好像有她的朋友,还是男朋友也不得而知,陪她一起来,我只是静静地坐着不动。当Sherman喊我的名字时,才知道我是时候向美莹打招呼了。开始觉得有点害羞,因为....很多原因吧~

The whole photoshooting process is a success , I'm interact with other photographer and Ambernie very well. And Ambernie also very sweet too ! I got her a lot of cute and serious pose too. Overall, I'm felt satisfied although I thought that my shooting mood is not in good condition.
Still, I'm really glad that Ambernie finally return to the stage of modelling once again. If I have chance, I want to meet her one more time.

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