October 10, 2009

Lolita Outing - Share of Japanese Culture

30 May 2009, this is after I go to shoot Rose Chin, the 2nd place I need to go , which is the lolita outing organized by the ORANGE , the organizer of the lolita outing. For your info, lolita outing is my first ever experience with the lolita fashion lover in KL , and I'm quite surprised with all the fashion that I love for the long time.
5月30日,Rose Chin的拍摄工作完成后,第二个地方要去的就是洛莉塔服装聚会,由ORANGE特别主办。告诉大家,这是我第一次和她们一起团聚在一起,而且感到非常的惊喜万分,因为这个时尚是我长久以来很喜欢的一个文化。

According the lolita lovers, there is 4 types : 1) Sweet Lolita , 2) Classical Lolita , 3) Country Lolita or Kaneko Lolita , 4) Gothic Lolita. These 4 types have different personality and feel too.
Also, Lolita IS NOT a COSPLAY . This is different thing from the fashion trend and cosplay definition.
根据洛丽塔时尚玩家的资料,共分4种:1)甜蜜型 2)古典型 3)田园风型 4)歌德式,这四种各有不同的风味和感觉。另外,洛丽塔时尚不能与角色扮演相提并论,因为定义是完全相反的。

That day may be use a lot of battery , so when shoot the last photo, the battery was die out , and quite disappointed too. Gladly, I'm able to shoot some photo for them, but not all, next time I will do more best since I'm keep on improved the skill although there is a lot of negative comments and statement have pounded for many times. Overall, it is a stunning outing that attracted a lot of attention during we walked at MidValley area, over hundred of peoples witnessed this massive group of the outing.

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Aiko said...

Oh boo! Lolita got MORE THAN 4 types and those are just the few major type.
And no, Lolita is not Japanese Culture. It is fashion. Seriously, just fashion.