October 08, 2009

Ceremony of Pavillion KL - The World Best Retail Store

Thanks to PhotoMalaysia , Mr.Teng Wei , I have opportunity to join this first time super high class event that held at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.
多谢庭伟先生,多谢PhotoMalaysia, 让我有机会第一次踏上在吉隆坡Pavilion购物中心的超高级的盛会。

First time ever , I was quite nervous. Never see such high class people there and a lot of famous people or well-known people attend this event. Once more , I'm glad to be taking photograph at here too !

When Minister of Federal Territories arrived , I was the same person I am , speed up my leg and get the first shot as fast as I can . Even attend this event also have current Ministry of Tourism, Datuk Ng Yen Yen , a fascinating appearance for Datuk. Every main character giving their speech, and have awarded the Pavilion KL as the World Best Retail Store.
当直辖区部长来到,我还是以我的老脾性,加速得到第一手照片。当中出席这个盛会也有旅游部长,拿督黄燕燕,让整个盛会增添不少光彩。每个主要人物都给了他们的演讲,就颁发Pavilion KL 为世界最佳连锁购物中心。

Besides, I also meet my favourite host and TV news reporter , Mr. Raymond Goh. What an honour! I love the way he host, I also learn from him actually.
另外,我也会见了我最喜欢的电视新闻主持人,Raymond Goh 先生。真是荣幸!我很喜欢他的主持方式,我长久以来都是以他做榜样。

Overall, all this event , I'm glad to take the guests and ambassador's photo. I'm honoured that I can attend this such a great event. I will never forget about it.

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