September 17, 2008

Unfinish story- 4th episode- The trip at Kuala Lumpur for final project

I want finish off the unfinish story by continue the following story as the title mentioned.

Final project of the photography races against the time as we keep on shooting the photo.

The following picture is my trip with my partner- Cindy Liew (Oh yeah!) shoot for the final project photo.
以下的照片是我与我的“拍档”-Cindy 刘淑蓉(哦!有写错,请纠正哦!谢谢!),进行最后作业的拍摄工作。

This trip quite like a walking trip as we non-stop walking and chatting and shooting and have fun

ERRRRRmmmmm.....let's go for the pictures. (DON'T THINK OTHER SIDE AH...!)

1)My lovely partner/我的可爱拍档- Cindy Liew

2)Sweet moment of the monkey/猴子动人的一刻

3)"Have something to eat?"/“有东西吃吗?”

4)“Oh! tasty, yummy!"/"哦!好吃得不得了啊!”

5)18SX Monkey business/ 18禁 猴子的生活

6)"Enemy approach!"/“敌人来了!”

7)"These drink is tasty!"/"这些饮料多好喝!”

8)“Let me take a rest..."/“让我休息一下....."

9)"Bro, got something good? SMS?"/"老兄,有好东西吗?有SMS?"

10) "Damn! Who is spying on us?"/"混账!哪一个家伙在窥探我们?”

11)The moment of monkey took the bread/ 猴子“拐”走面包的一刻

12)“Still got tasty food?"/"还有好东西吃?"

13)Mother feeds the child/猴妈妈喂它的孩子

14)“If you disturb me, I scream!"/"你再吵我,我喊啦!”

15)A lot of kids at Bird Park/很多小朋友在飞禽公园。

16)"You dare to stretch your nose?!"/“你竟然挖鼻屎?!"

17)Dragonfly stopping moment/ 蜻蜓停留的一刻

18)Hardworking bees for the honey/"小蜜蜂,嗡嗡嗡..."勤劳的蜜蜂采花蜜

19)“Stupid butt, don't aim so high?!"/"死屁股,别瞧那么高?!"

20)Butterfly find its food/蝴蝶找花蜜

21)Almost can see your butt?!/ 差点就看到你屁股?!

22)The flying butterfly/空中飘舞的蝴蝶

23)Moment of extract honey.../采花蜜的一刻......

24)South American species butterfly/南美洲种类的蝴蝶


26)“Hi! buddy!"/"嗨!老兄!"

27)"Flower....orchid? YES!!!"/"花.....胡姬?是!!!"

28)The little frog hide at the water/小青蛙藏在水里

29)“Time for the meal!"/“开餐时间到了!”

30)Deer resting moment/ 鼠鹿们休息的时候

31)"Bro, have anything can give me eat?"/"老兄,有东西给我吃吗?”

32)2 deer 2 2 鹿 2 鸟....哦!!!

33)The bird/八哥鸟

34)A circle of deer resting/在一个圈子的鼠鹿在休息

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