September 29, 2008

MVEC 2nd story- Beauty Expo 2008

After I spotted the ACGC at Hall 3 of MVEC, MidValley, I managed to go on the next event.

That is Beauty Expo 2008 at Hall 1.

A lots of beauty expert, workers, technicians, customers, photographers are everywhere.

What a good opportunity to know a lot of nice peoples and have a chat with them.

By the way, I saw a girl that missing for a long time since Form 5,

No doubt, if you know her, she is the one who take care the PlayStation gameshop "boss",

Let me introduce, Eva Leong Moon Yee. A beautician currently, the most beautiful girl I ever met,
让我介绍,Eva 梁敏仪,美容师,认识这么多人中最美的一位,

“Lost” for a long time finally have a reunion in that beauty expo.,a very grateful for me.

Another, I saw one of my community guy from, although I dont know his name.
另外,我还看见一个来自与我相同的组织,, 连我也不懂他的名。

But, I have a great chat and enjoy all of the show that day. Thank you!

Ok, let's see what have I got on my picture.

1)Reunion of Eva and Me./我和阿姐,Eva的重逢

2)Say "Cheese" to the camera/来对镜头笑!

3) dude/ 的同党

4)Remember them, and buy their good product!/记得她们,记得购买她们的产品!

5)Beautician is giving detail to customer/美容师解释产品的细节

6)Man now are like beauty too/现在的男人也爱美哦!

7)Yeah!"Cheese!" for me!/来!对我笑吧!

8)Datin is asking some question/拿汀夫人询问一些问题

9) Don't take me! I'm shy.../别拍我,我很害羞的......

10)This girl pretty for you?/这个美女美吗?

11)Little boy play lucky draw?/这个小孩玩抽奖?

12)What a sweet moment..../一个很美的时刻

13) Want buy this ?/要买吗?

14)Bamboo stick treatment/竹条医疗法

15)Hello, girls, smile always!/嘿!美女们,笑口常开哦!

16)"What the hell you disturb me!?"/你在搞什么屁啊?!讨厌

17)Blow the hair..../吹那乌黑的头发.......

18)Come massage, guys.../过来按摩吧!各位

19)This lady very relax and enjoy/这位小姐很轻松和享受过程

20)Some beauty treatment/一些美容作业

21)Wedding clothes model/婚纱装

22)This aunty so enjoy reading/这位大嫂很享受阅读

23) Time to eat!/吃东西时间!

24)Lucky Draw session/幸运抽奖时刻

25)Beauty treatment demo./美容示范

26)A great dance from California Fitness/一个精彩的舞蹈来自加州健身中心

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