August 11, 2008

Sunday 10 August- Toyo Drift Series Final Day

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Sorry for the late update of Toyo Drift Event at Bukit Jalil on Sunday 10 August.
对不起,迟迟才上载最新的Toyo Drift 比赛的资料。

The race is totally awesome made the crowd totally crazy in this event.

The race results is : 1st- Ivan Lau, 2nd -Tengku Djan Ley ,3rd - D-wan, 4th - Ivan Lim

OK, stop all the nonsense, let's start with these picture of the day. Pick the photo

1) chapter (1)- Beautiful girls show up. VClass Motor Sdn Bhd models。Which one attractive?
VClass Motor 有限公司的美女。哪一个有吸引力?

2)Team Toyo Drift Models. Are they awesome? They smiled at my camera for many times! Thanks and I love you all.
Toyo Drift 车队的美女。她们美吗?她们已经多次对着我的镜头笑,谢谢!我爱你们!

3)Chapter (2)-Girls with drifter . 美女们与飘移选手们。

4) Chapter (3)- Cars, Driver, spectators. 车,车手,与观众。

5) Chapter (4)- It's time to drift! 是时候飘移了!

Tengku Djan Ley is Malaysian International Drifter, and have nickname called "Prince of Drift"
大马世界级飘移高手,拥有“飘移王子”之称的Tengku Djan Ley.

来自日本Toyo Tires 公司的Mr Kakuno-san and Mr Tsuitsui-san 主持16强开幕仪式。

6)Chapter (5)- Final Battle. 最终之战。

Ivan Lau from Team Bridgestone drives his AE86 Corolla.
Tengku Djan Ley from Team Bridgestone drives his Nissan 180SX

Ivan Lim from Singapore Team Goodyear drives his Toyota Chaser JZX100

D-Wan or Lim Kim Wan from Team Toyo Drift drives his Nissan 180SX

The final 4 competitors (from left): Tengku Djan, Ivan Lau, Ivan Lim, D-Wan

The crazy drifter from Feinto-D and a host of the show, Uncle WanBra

Awards to the 1st runner-up winners.Tengku Djan Ley!
Time to splash you!!!!

Final photo for the top 3 finishing podium.
Carace Kwan, Ah Boy, and me have snap for last moment in Toyo Drift competition.

A Toyo girls which also beautiful have a snap before last moment of the competition.

Sifu, Ser Ming Hui(史明辉) shows off and burn tyres in front of me and do donut!!
Burn tyres!!! Drift drift drift!!!
Last moment pictures in Bukit Jalil and the VVIP.

This is the longest photo submit ever in my blog. And I have enjoyed the show at that day.
I also experienced to be a photographer and learned the technique from the pro.
As well, this event may be the last event in drift series because of the permit problems.
So, I really appreciated that every girls, photographer, and drifter which successfully made the event the greatest ever sports event in Malaysia, and I will remembered it forever.

(P/S: Thank you for Toyo girls willing to take photo with me. And you girls are so sensitive to where I point the camera. When you smile, it just makes me feel very happy to take photo to you. Anyway, I hope I can see you all next time. I love you all, Toyo girls!)
(P.S.: 多谢Toyo美女们愿意抽空与我拍照,另外,你们也对我的镜头的去向感到敏感,使我赶快拍下珍贵的照片。当你们笑的时候,我感觉令我很开心又自然的拍你们,很佩服你们的专业精神。无论如何,希望下次再见到你们。我爱你们,Toyo美女团!)

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