August 07, 2008

The reveal of the BAR list

Today, I doing my Advertising Design till I wanted blackout.

After the class, Ok, I suddenly remind myself about the BAR list.
广告课过后,好,突然想起自己要看 "皇榜”。

Then, we whole gang go and check out who will be "terminated".....

Accidentally, I saw my gang, randy , NG, yeen, Ken.....except Khor...
意外的,我看到我的党员们,randy,NG,YEEN, Ken-chan, 除了Khor....

They were inside the BAR list, and I never expect that it will happen.

Sorry, guys. Work hard next time. Khor and I will keep on fighting as well as the other classmate

Real number of students from our course which "hit" on the BAR list, about 7 peoples 。

Whatever is it, luckily I didn't hit the BAR list, as people said:" You BAR , I BAR"

Keep on said, I don't know what will happen on my eye.

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