March 25, 2011

Should I turned this blog to a niche blogging site ?

Alright guys , as very long time I didn't touch this blog , well I have considered myself whether I wanna turned this site to a really really specific niche blogging based on hobby, interest , and what I'm passion about. Instead I've seen many many making money online method these days, whereby either affiliate program, email marketing , blogging , PPC techniques , and so on .....

Well , if I turned myself into many different kind of niche blogging market , that will be even nicer , that's gonna really really take time to research and develop my own method on this kind of thingy. As you can see , there are many different type of website such as loss weight, self improvement and then make money online program, marketing , IT, flowering and so on which give vital information to the viewers. Where I learned something , people who surf Internet is JUST FOR INFORMATION ! They are hungry crowds who need information to SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS ! So, I tend to be take advantage on some of my favourite interest such as photography, photojournalism , health, IT, internet marketing , affiliate program and so on.

Since this site have some really really organic viewers , I might decided to turned this site upside down into something very very informative for the people who are passionate for something and NEED INFO about something. Yet, there are many things to research on professional blogging else like Google product that can helps me a lot on this. I guess there is a lot of gurus out there have the best info on this , right ?

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