March 31, 2011

A Great Digital Camera Under 100 Dollars

Need a great digital camera under 100 dollars that is dependable and reasonably priced? If so, the Nikon Coolpix L22 digital camera is worth checking into. This small and compact camera does what a lot of larger sized cameras do but at a fraction of the price. Not to mention, the size is a plus and can be easily toted around. Megapixels are one of the most important features to consider when purchasing a digital camera. The Nikon Coolpix L22 has 12 megapixels which is a solid amount to allow for quality and non grainy pictures.
This camera also has a 3.0 LCD screen, which is quite large, making it easier to spot which pictures to keep and which to delete. If you snap a lot of pictures of moving targets, the image stabilization feature will be a feature that you will be quite impressed with. It steadies the frame so that your pictures will be clear and blur free. This feature is perfect for taking sports pictures, if you have unsteady hands, or any situation where you or your target will be moving. This camera has a 3.6x optical zoom and a Nikkor glass lens. This optical zoom feature will allow you to focus in close on far away objects or small details that you want to magnify without losing the sharpness of the photo.
Another impressive feature that the Nikon Coolpix L22 has is smile recognition. This camera detects when a person is smiling and will activate the shutter to take the picture. There is also blink detection in which the camera will warn you when someone is blinking to ensure that you take the best pictures at ease. Red eye reduction is another great feature and it will reduce or eliminate the appearance of red eyes of the subjects in your pictures.
The Nikon Coolpix L22 has two movie modes with scene auto selector and sound. This feature is great for shooting small movies, birthday parties, or just for fun. This camera comes with everything that you will need to get started taking pictures. Included in the box with this camera are two AA batteries, USB cable, strap, and a CD-ROM by Coolpix. This camera comes in a variety of colors. Choose from black, red, blue, and silver. This camera is quite popular and can be found at a variety of stores.
For digital cameras best buys are really available if you can spend alittle more. For the best digital camera under 200 dollars, there's much more to choose from. However fora digital camera under 100 dollars, the Nikon dollars, the Nikon Coolpix L22 should be given serious consideration.

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