March 10, 2011

Discovery Space Shuttle's TOUCHED DOWN !

Now it's great to see that the last mission flight of the Discovery Space Shuttle touched down after a successful 148 million miles or 237 million kilometers of flight journey from Earth to Space and back to Earth again. It's truly amazing but sadly this is the end of remarkable journey for the Discovery Space Shuttle as the space shuttle have ended the last mission after 26 years of services.

Discovery Space Shuttle , can be said as the world's most-flown space shuttle on the Earth than any other space shuttle in this world and now retired after its final voyage.

For your info, the last mission of the Discovery Space Shuttle is to deliver and install new compartment to the ISS ( International Space Station ) , complete with a humanoid robot.

NASA Admin. Charles Bolden is due to greet the astronauts from Discovery Space Shuttle at NASA's Kennedy Space Center and pay a final tribute to the Discovery Space Shuttle and its final mission to space before its officially closed the service.

For more info , check out the latest news through this link : 
Discovery Space Shuttle ended its last service

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