March 27, 2011

The EOS 600D - Cutting Edge Camera for Beginners

The Canon EOS 600D or the EOS Rebel T3i , the latest development of Canon EOS camera lineup for the beginners market and it came with the latest model of EOS 1100D. To be honest , I did some test after the launching day , which the body of EOS 600D itself can be said very solid , light weight , and compact DSLR camera just like the previous model of EOS 550D, EOS 500D and EOS 1000D. In fact, this is one of the top class quality of beginners camera market in Canon EOS lineup where it equips the latest upgraded version of  14-bit D!G!C 4 image processor.

Nevertheless, the camera itself also an APS-C (or 1.6x crop factor) camera basically armed with high ISO capability which from ISO number 100-6400 even can be expandable to 12800. In addition , I'm very impressed by the video processing unit of the EOS 600D. Since the the 1040000 dot vari-angle 3 inch LCD screen that can be "rotatable" for video shooting , the full HD Movie Recording feature is awesome after the success from the predecessor EOS 550D. Next, what's make this EOS 600D so special which is , it added the latest feature from the EOS 60D that the available creative filters for in-camera editing feature like sepia, monochrome, and others are available in EOS 600D.

Finally, when comes to the system of the camera, what I love the most is the built-in wireless control flash system that allows the Canon Speedlites lineup to perform even greater when comes to strobist mode or wireless flash system on Speedlites series. Besides, as everyone knows that, Canon EOS lineup that allow the  60+ EF and EF-S lens to mount on it just except the EOS-1 series are only available to mount on the EF lens series, the EOS 600D is accessible with the EF and EF-S lens series. Also, the improved version of the iFCL metering system with 63-zone dual metering sensor gives the best impression on perfecting the exposure reading system for the beginners who learn in photography.  By the way, I forget something , which is the ONLY FEATURE in EOS 600D which is the EOS Scene Intelligent Auto , which is determine the best setting for a scene to capture a photo. In addition , the EOS Scene Detection Technology automatically analyze the faces, movement , brightness, contrast and other variable readings for the EOS Scene Intelligent Auto, that really truly specialize for the consumers who are new in photography.

I can say that , EOS 600D is truly simple, flexible and suitable for the beginners in photography world , that many features are done by the camera but you yourself have to discover the true exposure of digital photography world as it can be one of the latest trend together with the latest model EOS 1100D for the beginners.

Summany for the EOS 600D :
1) Made by stainless steel and polycarbonate resin with glass fiber.
2) 18 Megapixel CMOS APS-C Sensor ( 1.6x crop factor sensor )
3) Burst shooting rate with 3.7 frames per second
4) EOS Full HD Movie with 1080p and HD Movie 720p recording system plus built-in microphone and speaker feature for the recording and playback.
5) 9 point sensor in viewfinder , sensitive when f/5.6 at cross-type at center, extra sensitive at f/2.8 center point
6) 63 zone Dual Metering Sensor, which 63 zone for Evaluative Metering , 9% of the zone for Partial Metering, 4% at center point for Spot Metering
7) ISO Speed from 100-6400 expandable to 12800
8) Flash sync speed at 1/200, normal shutter speed from 30 seconds to 1/4000 seconds plus bulb mode
9) 95% Viewfinder Coverage with magnification of x0.65
10) Lightweight and compact with only 570 gram included battery and memory card in form of SD/SDHC/SDXC card.

Hope you enjoy the latest technology of the Canon EOS lineup !

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