January 07, 2009

Gundam Bandai Award show@ Sungei Wang

As the anime show at Times Square still have some time to wait, I went to Sungei Wang and watch the Gundam Model Contest Award.

As I saw a lot of Gundam fans and others come to watch incredible these contester build their own model of Gundam

I also shocked by their performance and they are awesome with their theme.

All Gundam fans, be ready for next time oh!


Bolok~~~ said...

hiahia....not bad thou...if got chance u really nid 2 cum japan la...there r so dam many anime model at akiba....n even cosplay o... >w<

ALAN Chin Weng Lon a.k.a. Drift King said...

oh dear...I heard that a lot too in TV
besides, i even want to buy second hand equipment from there too....
And i never forget,
we are anime kaki!!!
sure, we never miss any cosplayer scene!
I love them!

Nooby Elaine said...

hmmm... y got one robot cedera?

Nooby Elaine said...

y the Gumdam can bloody?