January 07, 2009

Anime Carnival show 2008@ Times Square

12 December 2008, There's where anime show started as a one more grand finale, this is ACF 2008.
2008年十二月十二日,一场一场的动漫秀陆续上演终结序幕,没错,这就是ACF 2008

At this event, I met a lot of old friends, neighbours, new friends, cute girls, cool man......

ACF 2008, nevertheless, COSPLAY (Costume play) is one of the major focus on this event.

But still, for me, I was aimed a lot of cute girls which wear like a heroin, maid, or even dancer look.

This was the second time I saw this kind of event and made me felt I want to look further more anime show.

I hope our local anime fans keep on supporting and bring it to the next level.

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