June 12, 2010

World Cup 2010 Update : South Africa vs Mexico

Update the latest news on World Cup 2010

South Africa vs Mexico ended the game with breathtaking 1 vs 1 draw game in 93 minutes game with additional 3 minutes from the normal time. Both side have quite a same problem which is wait the opportunity when defenders were outside range of the penalty area and take a score.

What really a shame is South African striker almost scoring a goal for 2 vs 1 but it missed at the edge of the goal door and practically the shooting angle is too small for scoring one more goal.

Majority of the people will bet for the South African or the host nation football team will win the game but it ended up with a draw, obviously it might be a sad ending for the fans of South Africa. But we will look further what will going on for the next game ......

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