October 02, 2008

Hari Raya @ Genting Highland

The first day of Hari Raya, my father and again he planned to go Genting Highland.
开斋节的第一天 ,我老爸再一次计划到云顶高原游玩。

So, just packed our stuff and started our journey. But, I will expected a lot of vehicles went there.

My guess was correct, and it seems a lot of cars went to Genting Highland.

Long time I didn't back to Genting Highland, started felt dizzy and have "highland effect",

I keep on hold till to the peak. But traffic seems getting jam and jam,

We no idea to find a car park so we find a small place at roadside to park the car.

#1 From far view of Genting Highland/从远处遥望云顶

#2 Traffic getting a lot jam and jam./交通一直很塞。

#3 Look up of Genting sign/仰望云顶标志

#4 Many peoples were waiting..../很多人在等候....

#5 A grandma was dealing her herbal soup/一位老婆婆在煮药材汤

#6 The famous Flying Dragon/出名的游戏“飞龙在天”

Soon we reached till the First World Plaza after walking from the park site,

Then, we started to enjoy and play. Me? Of course be a kaki photo la!

Actually, before I go Internet cafe to play, I managed to shoot something.

#7 Souvenier store site, a visitor smile!/纪念品摊,有位游客在笑!

#8 The young and the old/ 扶老携幼

#9 At roller coaster site, a weird scene/ 在过山车处,一个奇怪的画面

Well, after 3 hours of playing, quite starving, so called Mom and Dad came out for buffet at Hotel Genting.

#10 The kids waiting somebody?/这些小孩在等人吗

#11 My father still waiting my mother come out/我爸还在等我妈出来

So, we heading for the buffet session, and it seems normally a lot of peoples heading to the Hotel Genting for playing.

One thing I suspected is when I heading to buffet session, I saw one girl like Ambernie just in front of me and pass by in opposite direction. May be my eye cheating me, but it really look like.

Well, just don't think about it first. Time to eat.

#12 Road to Hotel Genting./云顶大酒店之路

#13 The fat clown face/这位肥小丑的样貌

#14 Clown's portrait/小丑的人像照

#15 My sister and my mom seems enjoyed their buffet/我妹和我妈看起来很享受自助餐

#16 My mom enjoy eating ice-cream/我妈吃冰淇淋吃得津津有味

I also notified that the Hari Raya @ Genting firework show will held at 8pm,

I rush there and find a good place to shoot the firework,

This is one of the best firework show I ever seen and fill with loud noise and bang.

This firework last for 15 minutes and the crowds love the show.

#17 All scene of firework show/全部烟花表演的画面

After firework show, we back to First World Plaza and started to play again.
#18 The gamer seriously playing/这些人很认真地玩游戏
Before return home, just take few shot of other night life in Genting.
#19 Live band at Patio Bar/帕迪欧酒吧的乐队表演
#20 Police guarding the casino entrance/警察坚守赌场门口
#21 Portrait of a beautiful mermaid/美人鱼的人像照
#22 My photo of memory/我个人的拍照留念

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

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