September 20, 2011

Long Time We Haven't Get In Touch

Dear everyone,

It's been a while I didn't touch the Blogger post which have over 4900 page view that concentrated for 5 years, pathetic results right ? But this is a great lesson for me in the world of blogging. Frankly,  I have abandoned this blog for some time , seriously , I mean it is really a long long time I guess since I'm owning the self-hosted WordPress blog called  . This blog allowed me to post even more stuff that I can be and unlocked the potential on learning how to drive traffic to the website with the self-hosting WordPress blog.

My WordPress blog now transformed into a professional photographer website that mainly to talk about my latest and previous artwork that I have gone through for many years and every sharing that I have made is valuable and worth the money. Basically, I'm also thinking on marketing my personal tips and trick also with the technique in package in photography niche. Also , I'm planning on doing some package stuff , but it's just an idea on what will be.

Recently, I'm touching back with internet marketing stuff and also meet with a lot of cool peoples that really gives me a lot of inspiration and knowledges of internet business. Especially when talking about niche internet business where I can untapped many way of incomes by using product creation and list building to profit 100%. This knowledges is great , but how to take action is really a question. To have sense of direction, I guess I really need sit down and back to the white paper again.

Well, for my photography time, it's simply always the best for me after upgrading the skill of photography and keep on continuously practice for own good. It's great time when comes to playing with camera.....haha !

Alright, that's for my latest update. And hope I can back on this blog for another time. See you soon.

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