April 01, 2009

Dream lens for me to own - Canon EF 500mm f/4L

Well, to be honest that I want to own myself a super-telephoto lens, that was I dream so long.

Yes, no doubt, my dream lens is CANON EF 500mm f/4L.
对,没错,我的“梦之镜头”是佳能EF 500毫米 f/4L.

This L series lens is quite superb and big like a huge cannon.....don't you agree?
这个L 系列镜头绝对非常棒和大到像“超级大炮”,同意吗?

This EF 500mm f/4L is unique in bird photography and sports photography.
这个EF 500mm f/4L 适合用于在飞禽摄影和运动摄影。

Also, this lens also a very good "skodeng" lens....hahaha! You can stand very far away from a subject and simply hunt it down like a sniper.

Well, I saw the price currently in range of RM10000- RM20000, still have to work 3 years to own such a lens.

This can be truly ideal for me. This photo is shoot from a uncle photographer who own this lens.

Canon EF 500mm f/4L Super telephoto lens.

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