March 09, 2009

Feedback from the photoshoot

I guess I have to tell these feedback from the PhotoMalaysia forumer and other peoples opinion.


From every photo that I shoot, some of it, posted into the forum, when I saw it, from their opinion like WB wrong, picture crop too much, or even can't get the attention from the models.


The fact is, although I have asked the pro. about the setting they use and what angle I should shoot, but still, I think my gear is start getting lousy and older, even my skill problem and actually I don't think I still learn about the photo colour.


Honestly, this RM160, although is worth it to learn. But, I'm waste a lot of time and energy, I saw a lot of poor photo, over 40 out of 700++ photos are good, the rest is just a crap and lousy composition.


My heart quite depressed after I saw these photos and comments. Eventhough I always go out for event shooting or others, but I kept on improve and improve, but I'm still lack of something, I don't really know it, everytime I back for shooting, it's just like a dream, I still shoot bad photo again. Don't really have right to be a photographer.


Overall, it is still my problem. May be I have to stop using my camera for a while to get my inspiration back. Concentrate my work and never shooting for a while.


Note: Although it is the first time at beach, but from every experiences I learn from every environment, I shooting myself and discover a lot of different things, it should be correct after all. But still, how would the models look my photo? I can't say anything about it.


alvin said...

Bro, don't give up ya.

To tell you the truth, if you wanna learn from portrait, then learn from those that are really good a portrait. I'm not saying the other uncles that teach you that day not good, just that those that paid and attend the shooting is even better.

The organisers are really good at organising model shoot I must say. Do some homework before you go for any planned shoot. You will learn a lot.

I know PhotoMalaysia got a lot of ppl around, but some are good at talking but not good at shooting. So when you ask about shooting advise, they give you all kinds of idea.

Anyhow, you should pay a visit to Though not as much people as PM, but at least you get genuine advise if you ask what you want to learn. This is my experience. I'm only shooting for less than 2 yrs, but I must say I learn a great deal from the sifus of that forum.

Btw, those you see that day mostly from that forum. Hope you don't give up and continue to practise more.

B-ZonE aka. OTS aka. 翁敦丞 said...

just enjoy photography like what u did in the beginning! nothing to be depressed of, good or bad is a vr vr subjective taste, but if u feel bad, than its always good to improve time by time, we are learning, and photography is a life time learning hobby~ why restricted yourself just because of some comments made by others? lifes not turning back, just grab that cam and shoot watever and whenever u want!