February 04, 2009

Rahsia Buat Duit dengan Ebay

Now, the Internet world full of mystery, full of challenge, full of opportunity,

But, now my family having a money crisis for pay us to school, other bills, and others....

I need to find a way to solve a problem,

before that, I have joined a company called QuestNet. But I realized that one is Multi-Level Marketing, all about go out and find prospect,

after QuestNet, I sounds like being cheated, MLM won't work after certain level.

So, I go for WangCyber.com to seek some solution,

This all about Internet Marketing, the most powerful earn money tools in the world.

I suddenly spotted one thing, EBay! Ebay is the largest online shopping website in the world.
我突然看到一样东西,Ebay! 它是世界最大的网络购物中心。

Then, everybody talking about Ebay, and I want to do it to make some extra cash,IS IN U.S. DOLLAR!
然后,很多都提及了Ebay, 我也要为自己赚多一笔钱, 而且还是美金叻!

I also saw some of the tutorial,such as, presented by Azahar Abdul Rahman, authour of "Rahsia Buat Duit dengan Ebay"(Secret of Make Money in Ebay).

Besides, I also recommend an e-book which the powerful tool the newbies of Ebay, which is from Sifu-Lan's "Panduan & Teknik Rahsia eBay" (Guidelines & Secret Techniques of eBay")
另外,我也特别推荐一个对新手很有帮助的电子书,那就是 Azlan师傅的 《eBay之指引与秘密技巧》

For those who want earn more money to yourself, start today!


spatt said...

good luck on your journey!
another book that's good for learning the online auctioning such as ebay and lelong is Rahsia Raja Lelong...try googling it... :)

roaz said...

welcome to ebay world! :D
gud luck bro..

catzer said...

Good luck with ebay, and don't forget to multiple your income stream.